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Pressed sheet metal in a unique facade solution for Villa Lorensberg

Hökerum Bygg is a construction company that focuses on residential development and the construction of affordable and sustainable homes. In Hökerum Bygg’s prestigious project, Villa Lorensberg, the architect sought a partner who could assist with a solution and the design of the exclusive property’s facade plates. The collaboration with Jobro, with its versatile expertise in sheet metal components, was initiated.

Both Jobro and Hökerum Bygg are based in Ulricehamn. It’s great to collaborate with a locally rooted company like Jobro.

Ulf Lunnebjer, Project Manager at Hökerum Bygg

the mission

The architect for Villa Lorensberg requested a sheet metal for the house’s facade that had not been produced before. Since neither the production process nor the exact execution of the shaping was known, Jobro’s engineers were involved at an early stage. The proposal to mill the pattern out of a thicker sheet was replaced with a more efficient and cost-effective alternative, in the form of pressing. Engineers, together with the architect, adapted the pattern to be able to press the intended shape into anodized sheets.

embossed pattern for the exclusive character of the house

The exterior of Villa Lorensberg was designed to blend in with the area’s older origins while maintaining its unique character. Playful and classical architecture was employed to create versatile details that, together, could balance and maintain a common thread throughout the development of the villa..

Villa Lorensberg’s exterior consists largely of copper anodized sheet metal, including the cladding of the recessed top floor and the bay window that spans multiple stories. Some of the sheets are patterned, and we wanted the pattern to somehow ‘pop out’ from the surface to give the facade more life. After exploring various possible ways to achieve this, we concluded that embossing would be the best option. The result turned out exactly as we desired” says Haldur Rohtla, Architect SAR/MSA at Inobi AB

“The pattern becomes an integral part of the sheet metal while creating depth with contrasts between light and shadow. Furthermore, everything could be seamlessly integrated with precision, both in the roof ridge and in the profile system that forms the framework for the entire bay window.” says Haldur Rohtla, Architect SAR/MSA at Inobi AB

forming through quintus pressing

Quintus pressing was used for shaping the sheets that were already anodized. Through local anchoring, samples could be quickly delivered to ensure the quality and finish for the house’s desired feel. Jobro participated throughout the project of Hökerum Bygg’s villa and, together with suppliers of glass panels and sheet metal workers, they found effective solutions to coordinate fastening and joints.

final result

Now that Villa Lorensberg is completed and ready for occupancy, it is noted that the end result exceeded expectations, and the collaboration between Jobro and Hökerum Bygg is only the beginning. Through simplicity, expertise, and a willingness to assist, Jobro was able to deliver high-quality sheet metal pieces.

”The collaboration with Jobro has worked very well; we presented what we desired, and they were able to meet our requests effectively. Given the local connection, we were able to receive samples of the sheets delivered within 5 minutes of testing, which was appreciated in the development process” says Ulf Lunnebjer, Project Manager at Hökerum Bygg.

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