Silent innovation for the adventurous

RGNT Motorcycles develops and manufactures electric motorcycles with state-of-the-art technology. Today’s advancement in electrification has enabled new ways of riding motorcycles, all while retaining the same sense of freedom as before. With its timeless design and genuine craftsmanship, RGNT has become a leading player in the two-wheeled industry.

From concept to a real product in less than two years

With a quickly launched prototype, RGNT’s business concept gained immediate traction and has been rapidly evolving since its initial launch in 2020. The connection with Jobro was established during the initial motorcycle development process. RGNT desired an appearance that resembled a gasoline-powered motorcycle. Jobro, with its broad expertise in design, was tasked with creating manufacturable tank and frame components

The collaboration with Jobro is long-term, allowing us to continue creating high-quality products and evolving together. Jobro, with its flexibility, responsiveness, and expertise, is a partner we highly recommend.

Andreas Eriksson, Strategic Purchaser Manager

the process

The development of the motorcycle’s frame and tank starts at RGNT. The design and construction work is then handed over to Jobro, who realizes the development with their expertise in forming. The two critical components, which play a crucial role both functionally and visually for the motorcycle, undergo careful simulations before production begins. Key factors such as a high level of responsiveness and close communication have contributed to the success of the development processes, and the work has progressed smoothly.

Johan Hidgård Sales Manager

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