3d laser cutting

We 3D laser cut all types of formed sheet metal and thus avoid all the different types of cutting tools and subsequent machining. This is faster and more flexible as any changes can be made directly in the CAD program instead of a completely new tool having to be manufactured. It is also more cost-effective while also preparing us for the most complex jobs.

More about our 3d laser cutting

It all starts with a 3D fixture that is contoured in Tebis. This is where you also program the laser’s 3D path, the one that shows where the laser should cut the part. After that, the sheet metal is placed in the fixture where we perform a high precision clean cut with one of our 5-axis laser cutting machines. Since we don’t have to use cutting tools, the investment cost is reduced and we are more flexible if there are any changes. It will also be extremely cost-effective for you as the customer.

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