Simulation of your design

Working with sheet metal often requires specialist knowledge. The first phase of our production is to stress test materials and solutions – in close dialogue with the customer of course. By detecting problems and weaknesses early in the design stage, we can avoid costly errors later on. The simulation thus becomes a control point that saves a lot of time and money. You get a quick indication of costs and any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Primarily, you also ensure the project’s finances by minimising the number of risk elements from the start. It also serves as a learning process that educates your organisation in advanced production technology and strengthens your offering.

how simulation works

At Jobro, we simulate the process process in two different steps: A simpler one at the quotation stage, and through in-depth analysis when the order is placed.

Step 1: Request for quotation

At first, simpler simulation takes place in connection with the request for quotation. Here we check that the design is possible and lasts from start to finish while we can estimate costs more accurately.

Step 2: Order is placed

An extended analysis takes place once we have received the order. It helps us ensure the process from start to finish, facilitating production and dramatically shortening lead times.

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