Mechanical workshop – from drawing to production

We are a mechanical workshop that takes complex sheet metal details and components from a simple drawing through to profitable production. All under one roof.

One partner – from idea to finished sheet metal detail

We work with details – but always focus on the whole. As a partner and supplier to some of Sweden’s most demanding industries, we have extensive experience of complex manufacturing processes from the idea stage to the finished part.  

A mechanical workshop with unique flexibility

For 30 years, we have built up unique experience and technical expertise ranging from simulation, tool and prototype manufacturing to complete production of pre-series and low volume production runs. This is possible because the entire manufacturing chain is gathered in our own mechanical workshops, resulting in shorter lead times and greater production flexibility.

Our work often starts with simulation and design criticism at an early stage of product development, providing the conditions for an efficient and profitable manufacturing process.

Short lead times

We have gathered the entire chain in our own mechanical workshops – from tool and prototype manufacturing to assembly of finished parts and low volume production runs. This gives us shorter lead times and greater control over the end result.

Resource-efficient manufacturing

We work actively to reduce the use of materials and resources in all areas of production, which is possible because we own large parts of the manufacturing chain. This results in reduced costs and a more efficient use of resources.

Greater profitability

30 years of collaboration with some of Sweden’s most innovative companies has made us a natural part of our customers’ product development. We have the experience and knowledge to help take your ideas from the drawing board to a profitable production run.

We meet the requirements – and set even more

Meeting the requirements for quality and sustainability is a prerequisite as a partner to companies in some of Sweden’s most demanding industries. We are certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and place high demands on our own mechanical workshop activity.

Johan Hidgård Sales Manager

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We will help you achieve greater profitability

We are driven by realising ideas, no matter how small or large they are. We are also driven to make them profitable. By talking to us at an early stage of your product development, we can work together to find the key to profitable production of your parts.

Cutting and pressing with short lead times

Sometimes time is short. Our mechanical workshops have a wide range of machinery and continuously help our customers with simple parts and assemblies where short lead times are required.