We are a part of the transition

Our customers are transitioning – and so are we. As a supplier to some of Sweden’s most innovative manufacturing industries and companies, we are a natural part of the transition to reduced emissions and more efficient resource utilisation.

With our vision “The Industry Benchmark”, we aim to become an industry model and Northern Europe’s leading supplier of complex sheet metal parts, which includes active work on social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Meeting the requirements

As suppliers to Scania, Volvo and other players in the automotive industry, we report our work through the industry’s management tools for sustainable manufacturing, Supplier Quality Assurance 5.0 and IMDS (International Material Data System).

Our facility in Ulricehamn is certified according to IATF 16949. All facilitys in Ulricehamn, Jönköping and Bankeryd are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

how we work

We work to meet our customers’ demands for quality and sustainability – but we also go further. We evaluate and follow up our work in the Worldfavor platform and have divided the work into three main areas.

1. Sustainable manufacturing and sustainable processes

Sustainable manufacturing and sustainable processes mean that we ensure our manufacturing steps in several different ways. By automating and documenting our processes from quotation to final inspection, we ensure the product flow, which reduces waste, complaints, scrapping and energy use. This results in more sustainable manufacturing, an improved cost structure and shorter delivery times for the customer.


Reduce waste, reduce energy consumption and reduce resource allocation.


We have reduced electricity consumption in our production by 16 per cent during the period January to May 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. During the same period, the costs of scrapping and complaints have decreased by 0.5 per cent.

Next step

We are working continuously to improve our process flows. During the autumn of 2023, a feasibility study is being carried out on the use of automated robots in parts of production.

2. Sustainable and profitable business

Long-term profitability has been an important part of Jobro since the company was founded in 1993. You can see the results in our operations. Owning the manufacturing chain from drawing to finished part gives us greater opportunities to create sustainable and profitable processes for our customers, for example, by proposing design adjustments that reduce material consumption and the use of resources in the finished sheet metal part.


Reduce the use of materials, increase the proportion of recycled materials in production, increase the proportion of low or zero-emission steel in manufacturing (also known as fossil-free steel).


In 2023, we set our use of resources as a new measure to monitor the effects of our work. We expect to be able to report the first results from our measurements between autumn 2023 and spring 2024.

Next step

During the autumn of 2023, we are working on the procurement of so-called fossil-free steel – steel produced with zero or low emissions.

3. Sustainable workplace

We take great pride in our ingenuity and engineering, which is a result of the expertise and ambition of our employees. We therefore also attach great importance to the work of building a safe and developing corporate culture at our three plants, where collective agreements, personal skills development and good benefits are a matter of course.


High employee satisfaction, low sick leave and high attendance, safe and secure working conditions.


In 2022, we initiated a new employee survey in which measurements continue quarterly and improvement activities are ongoing. Until more measurable results can be presented, we can state that we continue to have a low employee turnover and that our ongoing values-based work has a positive impact on our employees.

Next step

In order to consolidate our work, we will continue our ambition to achieve Great Place To Work® certification in 2023/2024. The certification is based on an employee survey that is evaluated from the five dimensions of credibility, fairness, respect, pride and community.

Policies and governance

Our active policy documents and certificates:

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Would you like to know more about how we work to reduce Jobro’s and our customers’ carbon footprint? We are happy to tell you more about our work.