Tool manufacturing, fixtures and moulding patterns

We have extensive experience in tool manufacturing, moulding patterns and fixtures in wood, block plastics, aluminium or cast iron in collaboration with our partner Jönköpings Modelltillverkning AB (JMT).

Moulding patterns and mould tools

JMT has almost 50 years of experience in traditional manual work and machining of moulding patterns and mould tools in close collaboration with companies such as Scania, Volvo, VCE, Saab Aerostructures, Rolls Royce and Sweden’s leading foundries.

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Tool manufacturing

Jobro is one of Sweden’s most experienced tool manufacturers and tool makers. Our expertise includes press tools for prototypes, PUR tools and tools for composite production, as well as vacuum forming patterns for industries where high quality and short lead times are required.

Short lead times on moulding patterns

Thanks to our strong relationship with foundries and long experience, we can ensure high-quality castings with short lead times. This means that we can cut lead times to a minimum in situations where time is the most important factor. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about how we work.