Press hardening of steel

The press hardening process makes it possible to manufacture sheet metal parts with a higher strength than ordinary steel in a single press operation. The technology is mainly used for vehicle parts that handle large deformation energies, but is also suitable for parts where advanced geometries, high strength and low weight must interact.

Jobro is one of the few manufacturers that can offer press hardening for prototypes and low volume production. Press hardening provides both a lighter as well as stronger sheet metal part, which is usually a requirement in the automotive industry. At the same time, it is easy to get started with the work process, which allows us to produce smaller volumes at a low initial investment cost.

how we press harden steel

Unlike cold forming, press hardening is a type of hot forming that is completed in a single stroke. The sheet metal boron steel is initially heated to about 930 degrees in the furnace and is then transported quickly with the help of a robot arm directly into a tool that presses the part. The tool holds together and forms the sheet metal as it cools down in just a few seconds.

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